As humans, the last thing we want is for some form of harm to happen to us, and the first thing we want is to have our deepest needs met.
Who are you? How did you become you? Who contributed to that process-positively or negatively? Who are you influencing-or not influencing-to become the person they’re meant to be? These might be philosophical questions, but they’re not rhetorical.
In Who Am I? Michael Carlton-husband, father, pastor, and man of God-reflects on what caused him to ask these questions and the answers he’s found. While you journey with him as he revisits childhood memories and experiences, you’ll become more aware of:

The values you hold most dear and why they’re important to you. The methods you employ to provide for and protect yourself. The sources you tap into to find pleasure and joy. The impact each has exerted on your yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
While your life circumstances are as unique as you are, you are not alone. Let Who Am I? inform your heart and mind so that you can answer your questions honestly, intentionally, and peacefully.

We all face challenges and we are all shaped by moments from our childhoods, tragedies we have faced as adults or relationships that have emotionally cut us deep. We are all faced with obstacles, circumstances, and challenges that we have to overcome to walk in our deeper sense of purpose. Some instances may seem worse than others, but they all still affect us and shape us. Though this life may not be perfect, we can walk through life with an unimaginable grit that takes us beyond our trials and into the places we were called to be. We were created with a specific design and purpose by God. While the world may be trying to stifle our growth, if we can lean into our God, we will start to bloom into who we were created to be. I want to look directly into the word of God as our guide for this journey, and I thought there was no better book to shape our growth than the book of James. So, as we dive into this powerful letter written by James, I hope we begin to understand what resolve and fulfillment are meant to be as we start walking in our God-given designs. Put simply, we can either live our lives based on worldly suggestions or be guided by divine direction as imperfect people being shaped by a perfect Gospel.