The Two Most Important Jobs a Leader Has!

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There are many things that a leader must keep track of when it comes to running an organization.  Some are large responsibilities and some smaller day to day tasks, but there are two things that I believe are absolutely the most important for a leader to focus on which is Morale & Momentum.  As a leader, our main goal has to be to keep Morale up and Momentum going in our organization.  Other areas may be important, but if morale is down and if you have no momentum then everything else is meaningless.

So let’s discuss how we keep morale up and momentum going in our organizations…


1. Value your team. You know that it is impossible for your organization to be successful without your team (if not you need to understand that), but does your team know that? As leaders many times we suffer from this complex where we just assume everyone knows how we feel or what we think.  As a leader always assume that no one knows how you feel and with that mindset always over-communicate the value in your team members and watch how you gain tremendous value in your organization.

2. Serve your team. Leadership is not about us but the people we lead and we must spend our energy inspiring and empowering them.  As leaders, we must spend our time developing the leaders in our organizations.  Spend time with them, supply them with the resources they need, send them to conferences, and listen to their needs, their struggles, and help them lead through them.  We serve our team, not the other way around!

3. Celebrate your team. As the leader we don’t need the credit we have the title and that should be enough.  You elevate and celebrate every team member and never take the credit for yourself.  Listen to me when we celebrate others and not ourselves it builds loyalty, trust, and commodore that money can NEVER buy!


1. Communicate where you are going.  We need to be consistent with communicating to our team the vision of our organization and where we are going. People want to be apart of something bigger than themselves and they want to work hard for an organization that is making a difference.  Dream with your team and dream beyond the realm of rationality.  Dreaming creates excitement and excitement builds momentum.

2. Communicate your values constantly.  When the team understands where we are going then they need to understand why we do what we do.  To get our organizations to go in the same direction then we must communicate the WHY behind the WHERE.  You need to create and physically write down a list of 5-10  team values.  After you create these values we must communicate them frequently to our team.  An African proverb says it best “If you want to run fast, run alone; if you want to run far, run together.” We must run together as a team and the only way you do that is to clearly understand the values of our organizations.

3. Strategically plan your calendar.  As church leaders, we always know their higher attended Sundays than other Sundays and we must use this knowledge to our advantage.  Don’t just create a killer Sunday service for you high attended Sundays, but create a killer service that is followed by a very relatable series. Your large Sundays need to domino into each other and that only happens by planning your calendar in a way that helps them flow together. If a large group of people accepts Jesus at large attended Sunday service their next logical question is “what’s next?” and as the church, we have to help them answer that.  Look at a speaking calendar a lot like someone’s journey of personal spiritual growth so you can help your people walk through those stages of spiritual growth.
*A side note always plan your best series in your lowest attended months to help domino into the next large Sunday.

4. Celebrate the wins. Celebrate the wins publicly and celebrate them often.  Nothing creates momentum in our teams better than seeing the fruit of God moving in our organizations!

Remember we can do everything right, but if morale is down and momentum is at a halt then everything else is vain.  Make these two things your number one focus as a leader and I know you will see the benefits in your organization!

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