The Greatest Characteristic of a Successful Person

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believe the single greatest characteristic a successful person can have is self-realization. Too many people live life with an outward focus. Everything in life rises and falls on someone else. Now they may not come out and say that, but every part of their actions scream that reality. Their lack of success is always circumstantial or someone else’s fault. “This happened to me” or “they messed up” and this lack of self-realization has created a roadblock in their journey towards their dreams and purpose.

You must understand that you are your greatest ally or your own worst enemy depending on your viewpoints. Self-realization takes the focus off other people and circumstances and places the focus on yourself.

How are you developing the leaders around you?
Do you have enough talent in that particular area to succeed?
How are you dealing with the cards life dealt you?
How hard are you working to pursue your dream?
How committed are you to the long haul?

These are all very self-directed questions that require personal responsibility. Unless you take responsibility for your life and your dreams you will never walk into your destiny.

As a leader, it all rises and falls on me. If there is an issue in our organization where a staff member may be falling short it still falls on my shoulders. It is my responsibility to address the situation with the team member and my job to help them in practical ways to move forward. When things don’t align the way I hoped for, unfortunately, they rarely do, I still have to move past the circumstances that I am facing. I have had challenges from childhood experiences, to financial setbacks, to supporters backing out, to multiple building issues, and I go on and on. All potential dream killers that I could have used as excuses for me not reaching my dreams, but those things are small in comparison to the greatness of our God. I’m glad I chose to push forward and live my calling despite the circumstances. I remember clearly God speaking to my heart in one of my darkest valleys “Man did not call you… I did… Man does not finance you… I do” and that moment was a jolt to my faith that I had to quit trusting the circumstances and start trusting my God. That type of faith is not external, but internal.

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I committed to the process and will I take responsibility for my dreams”? God has already equipped you, but you have the option to be the servant with 5 talents and get to work or the servant with 1 talent that buries it. You are your greatest ally or your own worst enemy based on the level of your self-realization!

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