Priorities Determine Production

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A difficult understanding for most is that their priorities will always determine their production.  What you value is what you deem important enough to be a priority and many times we value a slew of other things more than our actual dream.  Now I will interject very quickly that we must never value our dreams over God and our family. What I am talking about is every little excuse that keeps us from our purpose and in our minds we have so many justified excuses that keep us from progress.

One of my biggest pet peeves is procrastination because procrastination is simply saying I have other priorities that I feel are more important than that goal, that job, or that dream.  When we procrastinate we are telling ourselves that what we are trying to accomplish is simply not as important as all the other areas of our lives that we value.  Unfortunately, many of those so-called priorities are simply just a lack of discipline that leads to excuses like “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t know how”.  While both may be true in our current position in life they are mostly true because of a lack of discipline that is depicted in our priorities.  Of course, you don’t have enough time because you haven’t built your schedule around capitalizing your time to be effective.  You would rather watch Netflix, stay current on the latest Facebook affairs, and/or you stay out late many nights with your friends instead of building your schedule around your values. Of course, you don’t know how because you have never accomplished that goal or dream yet, but the only way you will ever learn is if you start to learn.  Read… Learn from people that came before you… Take webinars… Find classes… Try things… Development takes time, but you don’t develop by pushing off growth with excuses.

I know it is hard and I know there are huge lifestyle changes that must take place.  You may have to work later than most and get up before most during this season of your life.  You may have to choose research over Netflix’s.  You may have to grow your business or idea, one person, at a time in the beginning.  However, in the end, when you are making progress towards that goal or dream and the momentum is happening it will be completely worth it.  Remember your priorities will always determine your production!

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