Leading Ahead of Schedule

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I am enamored with this thought as a leader to “lead ahead of schedule”, but to lead in such a way it takes a tremendous amount of confidence. Confidence is something you must have as a leader, as an entrepreneur, or as a Pastor.  Now when I say confidence I don’t mean ego.  I mean confidence in where your organization is going.  Having this confidence does not mean you will not have doubts at times or that you are always Mr. Optimism. Confidence is knowing the potential that is in your organization and seeing its future.

As leaders, we must lead ahead of schedule.  We must be out front of our team seeing the future that we know is possible.  I have always had this confidence that there was greatness in our church and our team members even from day one.  I remember when we were a church of maybe 40 people (counting kids and dogs) and I just knew our Church was the place to be and missing out was a huge mistake.  Now some people may see that as being naive or biased, but I was confident in our hearts and our future.

Leading ahead of schedule.

I have always told our team at every stage the same thing…
When we were a church of 500 I said we are not a church of 500, but 5,000.  When we were 600 it was 6,000 when we were 700 it was 7,000, and so on and so on.  As a leader, you must understand that you are just waiting for your present to catch up with your reality.

Leading ahead of schedule forces you not to settle with your present. If I am going to be a pastor of thousands that means I need to be a leader of that capacity and if we are going to be a church of thousands than that means there is a higher level of excellence that we must expect for ourselves. When we lead ahead of schedule we are pushing ourselves to a higher level we know we are capable of even if we can’t see it yet.

That confidence that pushes us to lead ahead of schedule is faith.
As Hebrews 11:1 states, “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”

Faith is not leading out of fantasy but faith is leading out of diligence and that diligence takes us to the greatness we were destined to live! Look at where you are now and know it is not a period in your sentence of life but a comma.  Push yourself to higher heights and help your team reach the greatness that you know is inside them.  Lead ahead of schedule because you are just waiting for your present to catch up with your reality!

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