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I get many people reaching out to me for advice on how to choose their career or vocation. This is a big deal in our country I read a study where over 80% of people surveyed said they hate or strongly dislike their job and would quit if money wasn’t an obstacle. The reality is you must understand that what you are passionate about has to drive your vocation because if not your vocation will drive you.  Doing what you love is the most freeing experience and experience unfortunately most people don’t ever get to live.  The reason most people never get to that place is that culture tells you either that money is the source of ultimate happiness or that dreams are just fantasies. However, I believe life is too short to work a job every day that you hate.

My deepest passion is seeing people become who they were created to be.  To watch people live their dreams, develop as leaders, and live life with a mission that is bigger than themselves.  I desire that for you also! I wanted to tackle this today in the blog and of course, you can’t say everything in a single post, but hopefully, something I say will spark a movement in your life! So let’s look at how you can get out of that cycle and start pursuing your dreams

1. You must discover what you are passionate about.

Most people have no idea what they would do if they had the choice.  That concept is so far removed from their psyche that they haven’t dreamed in years.  This is where you find people that chase “good” ideas over chasing what they are truly passionate about. Good ideas are not bad and some people do feel called to create things from nothing. However, in my experience, most people that are chasing ideas are chasing the money or success they think is attached to those ideas.  I hate to break it to you but contrary to what the world preaches money will never ever satisfy you!  You must pursue what you love. So to clarify that understanding you must spend your time asking yourself this question… If I could pursue today what God created me to do and time and money wasn’t an option what would that be? That is a HUGE question, but it is the question every single person must answer!  Because when you get to the core of who you were created to be in God’s eyes you start dreaming with mission and purpose and start living the life you were always intended to live.  Money and time are not objects to God, but excuses we place as roadblocks in our lives.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

Do you see that?  He planned for you to live your purpose long ago…

To discover your purpose you MUST:

  • So tune out what the world says is important.
  • Seek God.
  • Discover your spiritual gifts and talents.
  • Discover a need in this world that your gifts and talents can help fix.
  • Ask yourself would I be happy to do that?

That may sound simple, but it takes pointed questions that make you focus on what really matters to this world and how you are uniquely created to be a part of that.

2. Put together a plan.

Yep… You have to know how you are planning on getting there.  Once you know “what” you want to do then you have to start focusing on “how” that is going to happen.  If it takes a degree to do what you want to do then you have to start looking at colleges.  If it is a business you want to start then you must begin formulating a business plan that breaks down everything from demographic you are trying to reach, cost to start and run your business, what your company will look like, etc… If you want to be a writer start a blog and build a following while you are setting a daily word count that you will write to achieve your goals.  Find that internship or become that apprentice.  You have to put a plan in place. Dreams don’t just arrive in your mailbox, but they achieved through diligent planning and discipline.

3. You may have to work it on the side.

I get that you may have a family to support or life to pay for so just quitting your job isn’t an option.  That is still not an impossible mountain to climb if you have the right work ethic. For four years I spent about 50 hours a week running a company that I did not love while I was pursuing my dreams on the side.  I worked late nights, early mornings, and during my breaks to pursue my dream.  Solomon got it right when he said in Proverbs 14:23 “Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty”. There are a lot of dreamers out there that do not have the work ethic to pull of their dreams.  Dreams without discipline are fantasies.  What are four years working extremely hard to be able to do what you love for the rest of your life? It is nothing! However, four years wasted with excuses is detrimental and you will live with the most gut-wrenching feeling ever…Regret!

4. Keep expenses down.

Debt and unnecessary expenses are the greatest dream killers.  The American problem is we work jobs we hate to buy toys we don’t have enough time to even use.  To do what you love you must keep your cost of living low!  Pay off your debt, downsize your home, drive an inexpensive car, eat at home, cut the cable bill, and I could go on and on.  Are those things really more important than doing what you love? For me personally, I would rather drive a $2,000 car (I did for many many years) and do what I love than drive a $40,000 car and work a job I hate.  The trade-off is a no brainer.

5. Don’t quit.

It will get hard, but if you don’t have grit and resolve you will never make it.  Know what you want to do and understand life happens in seasons and you just have to get through the season you are currently experiencing in life.  Too many people’s dreams go unfulfilled because they were too impatient and quit the process.  You have to build it in your mindset that you are not stopping! I heard Steve Green say recently, “The world doesn’t need stronger leaders, but more resilient leaders”. We need leaders that don’t quit!

6. Take the step of faith.

You just have to start.  You have to pursue it.  You must understand life is too short to keep stalling! Don’t let the gnawing echo of “what if” haunt you throughout your life, but run after the destiny you were created to live!

I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you keep your cost of living low, your work ethic high if you are resilient, and if you have the talent you will see your dreams become reality!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it, leave a comment I would love to hear from you!

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