5 Ways to Win the Battle of Your Mind

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I truly believe that life is won or lost in the mind. That too many people set themselves on a negative path because they are consumed with the wrong mindsets.   Paul says in Romans 12:2 “let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” James says that a person that doubts the promises and nature of God is unstable like a wave bouncing back and forth. If we could win the battle of our mind by attaching it to the promises and nature of a good God then we would start seeing victories in our lives in areas that we desperately need them.

Your tomorrow can look different than your today and you have the ability, through Jesus, to move forward.  Get that understanding running through your mind and watch the places you will go and the freedom you will experience.  So let’s break down 5 ways we can win the battle in our minds…


Listen to me you have to hate and I mean despise being in a bad mood.  Most people are ok with having a pity party, being upset, being ticked off, being mopey and they settle for a regressive mindset.  You have to hate being in a negative mindset because if not you will never leave it.  Most people tend to think the worst and believe that the best is just luck.  They get offended all the time because they always think the worst in people.  This is why most relationships suffer because instead of understanding people make mistakes and said or did something that wasn’t right out of emotion.  Their minds automatically go to thinking their spouse, family member, or friend is out to get them, and deep down that person is a horrible person trying to hurt them in the most unimaginable ways.  Now we may not come out and say that, but the way we get offended and hold grudges suggests that!  Being in a bad mood is a choice and we have to remind ourselves we are choosing to stay there.  Paul says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 “Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”  If it is contrary to the thoughts of Jesus we take it captive and remove it from our minds.


I have found that the happiest people are the most grateful people.  They treasure the things that mean the most and they physically remind themselves of the immense blessings that their life possesses.  You have a plethora of blessings in your life, but human nature is to focus more on what we don’t have instead of what we do have because of our survival instinct.  However, human nature is not always healthy nature and a scarcity mindset will always leave you empty.  I promise you if you prime your mind with gratitude and physically put yourself in the meaningful moments that you are grateful for that you will start to see a permanent smile grace your face and you will work harder for the things that truly matter.


Declarations are the most powerful tool of the mind because the more you declare the more you believe and what you believe you receive.  However, we need to declare truth and the truth we know for certain is the promises of God.  Fill your heart and mind with God’s word and declare those promises over your life constantly.  Many times when I am struggling I find all the scriptures I can deal with that area and save them to a note on my phone.  Every time those negative thoughts start to rise up I pull out my phone and start speaking those scriptures out loud over my life!


We don’t need to stay here long but negative people produce negative results and you can always tell where someone is going by who is standing on the right and left of them.  A key component to becoming a successful person is surrounding yourself with people you desire to be like. So surround yourself with positive people and watch your environment change!


Nothing is more frustrating than stagnation or the feeling of a lack of progress.  Most people don’t feel productive not because they don’t work hard, but they simply don’t work smart.  Exerting a bunch of energy and not making any progress is extremely frustrating and demoralizing.  You have to know where you want to go and set measurable goals that you can cross off as you are taking steps toward your ultimate goal.  Nothing is more exhilarating than working toward a large goal and seeing all the progress you have made along the way and that is what motivates you to keep going!

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